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Exit Light
It's Metallica day! W00t w00t!

Turns out I'm probably going have to bail before the end due to the train times but I think I can probably live without the inevitable 15 minute call and response version of "Seek and Destroy".

Aside from that, I'm snowed under with web development work so I better get on with it.

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Saw them in Manchester - they were awesome.

If memeory serves right Seek and destroy was somewhere around the middle. What you will miss is the amazing collection of black beach balls released into the audience. It did take the audience a good 5 minutes before they realised they could be deflated and nabbed.

Handily, they actually have set lists for all their previous gigs on the tour on the website- you can even download them as mp3s! They're always finishing with Seek and Destroy which, rather ominously, is not long after "Kirk Hammett Guitar Solo #2"

I'm curious - how long are they on for?

About two and a half hours?

*Shuffles on over to website* Darn no cool light effects.

There was fire. And lasers.

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