Big Blue and Little Red

I have two computers. I want to share a set of speakers between them. This should be more straightforward than it is.

The most obvious solution was to get a KVM switchbox (a dohickey that lets you control multiple machines using one mouse, keyboard and monitor) with an audio throughput. However to get one that fulfilled all my needs was a bit pricey. And overkill, since I already have two keyboards, two mice and a monitor with a switchable video input.

So I looked at splitters. It's possible to do what I want with a cable splitter but it messes up the sound quality and might damage my sound cards. Another option is to daisy chain the PC's together via audio out/in. But this would mean 1 PC would always have to be on.

This is the solution I've come up with:

Speakers (ending in male headphone jack) -> (female - female adaptor) -> (headphone jack) Audio Component cable (Red/White connectors)->

Video switchbox (yellow/red/white component but I'm just using red and white) Switching between:

1) (Red/White Connectors) Audio COmponent cable (Headphone jack) -> Computer 1
2) (Red/White Connectors) Audio COmponent cable (Headphone jack) -> Computer 2

I don't see any reason this won't work, and can't think of a better way of doing it. Anyone else got a better idea?

Broad brushstrokes

I like giraffes. They tick all the right boxes for me. They have nice faces, their massive necks provide a cool USP, and they look fucking ridiculous when they fight and screw. They're pretty awesome.

I don't give them much thought though.

However if you looked at my bedroom, you'd think that giraffes are absolutely central to my existence. There's giraffe statues, cuddly toy giraffes, giraffe sketches, giraffe wall masks. Giraffes, giraffes, giraffes. I look like the kind of guy who might travel to Kenya and hide near the top of acacia trees with his trousers round his ankles. Frankly, I look like a giraffe stalker.

All my giraffes were given as gifts. Every single one. I have no idea how this started. I imagine, at some point in the past, I commented on how much I liked giraffes. I may have even fixated on them briefly, but it's hard to keep track because I tend to to this with any number of shiny things. In the past few months I've fixated on progressive death metal bands, the python programming language, building a completely over the top gaming PC, Adult Swim shows... the list goes on. I fixate. It's a thing I do.

So I got given a giraffe as a gift. The word spread that I was a guy who liked giraffes. I got given other giraffes. People saw all my giraffes and decided that I must *really* like giraffes and got me more giraffes.

And I do like giraffes. And I don't want to sound ungrateful. Or, since it's my birthday this week, send someone into a panic about me not liking the giraffe they've got me as a present. It's not like that. My ADD fueled personal preferences make me a nightmare to buy gifts for.

I just think it's interesting how we paint people in broad brushstrokes. And that my broadest stroke appears to be "that giraffe guy".


It's Wimbledon soon. And Andy Murray has a fair chance of actually winning. I would probably care a lot more if tennis was like this:



Trailer for a film called District 9 that's coming out this summer. It's by a guy called Neill Blomkamp: he was directing the Halo film with Peter Jackson until it got canned. It's a feature length version of a 10 minute faux-documentary he did a few years ago about aliens landing in Johannesburg.


Exit Light

It's Metallica day! W00t w00t!

Turns out I'm probably going have to bail before the end due to the train times but I think I can probably live without the inevitable 15 minute call and response version of "Seek and Destroy".

Aside from that, I'm snowed under with web development work so I better get on with it.