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Big Blue and Little Red
I have two computers. I want to share a set of speakers between them. This should be more straightforward than it is.

The most obvious solution was to get a KVM switchbox (a dohickey that lets you control multiple machines using one mouse, keyboard and monitor) with an audio throughput. However to get one that fulfilled all my needs was a bit pricey. And overkill, since I already have two keyboards, two mice and a monitor with a switchable video input.

So I looked at splitters. It's possible to do what I want with a cable splitter but it messes up the sound quality and might damage my sound cards. Another option is to daisy chain the PC's together via audio out/in. But this would mean 1 PC would always have to be on.

This is the solution I've come up with:

Speakers (ending in male headphone jack) -> (female - female adaptor) -> (headphone jack) Audio Component cable (Red/White connectors)->

Video switchbox (yellow/red/white component but I'm just using red and white) Switching between:

1) (Red/White Connectors) Audio COmponent cable (Headphone jack) -> Computer 1
2) (Red/White Connectors) Audio COmponent cable (Headphone jack) -> Computer 2

I don't see any reason this won't work, and can't think of a better way of doing it. Anyone else got a better idea?

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That would work. But presumably you'd prefer something like this:

I might just be being a girl, but doesn't that connect two audio outputs from one audio input, whereas John needs two inputs into one output (fnarr fnarr)?


Yes. Damn.

This would do it easily:¤cy=GBP&products_id=5781
but goes back to John's original setup.

That's exactly what I've bought :-)

For the record, this works great if you ever have a need to do something similarly crazy.

It should work the other way around too, if I slapped in some female to female couplers.

However, its out of stock so I'm just going with my original plan :-)

Yep, something like that. Only problem with that one is that it's based in the US and doesn't seem to have an online store.

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